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Organic Vegetables

A wide range of regular and seasonal organic vegetables


Organic Herbs

A beautiful mixed range of freshly picked herbs and spices


Dairy Products

A full range of dairy products, Eggs, Milk, Cheese and Yogurt

Why Choose Pairidaeza Organic Food?
Know what makes us different and better than regular non-organic Farms

No synthetic pesticides

Only natural methods like crop rotation and crop diversity control many pests, and biological and gentle methods are used when pests do show up

More vitamins in every bite

No synthetic toxins mean you don’t need to peel the vegetables. You also don’t need to worry about eating systemic toxins, that are taken up by conventional foods.

Grass-fed livestock

Our livestock is eating organic grass and hay, grown on the farm which have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are the “good” fatty acids.

Eat more without worry

Eating between 5 and 10 servings of fruits and vegetables is recommended EVERY DAY to boosts your immune system and increases your consumption of anti-oxidants

Free range poultry

Our Chicken is getting both fresh air and sunshine.  Their diet also includes organic farm-grown products, and grains are carefully sourced

High biological diversity

Come and see our many species of fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, and vegetables in addition to many kinds of poultry, livestock, and wildlife.

Support your local community, and your local farm

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